3 Best Insoles That Make You Jump Higher

Insoles That Make You Jump Higher

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Most people go for exercise and play games, and this is very essential for health. So that is why we recommend insoles that make you jump higher, and these insoles give you more help while you are playing games like football, cricket, and other professional games.

Get ready to take your jumps to new heights with specialized insoles designed to boost your performance. In this guide, we’ll check out the top options on the market and see why athletes are buzzing about them.

What Are Jump Higher Insoles?

Jump-higher insoles are like secret weapons for your shoes, crafted to help you jump higher. They are made with special materials and designs to make sure you use your energy efficiently, stay stable, and land smoothly, all while putting less stress on your joints.

You Jump Higher


VKTRY is one of the leading names in the realm of jump-enhancing insoles. Engineered using carbon fiber technology, VKTRY insoles are designed to store and return energy with each jump, effectively increasing your vertical leap. Their cutting-edge design offers unparalleled responsiveness and support, making them a favorite among elite athletes across various sports disciplines.

Key Features

  • Remarkable support for different sports.
  • Able to fit in different shoes.
  • Benefits elite athletes.
  • Crafted from carbon fiber for added stability,
  • Comfortable and helpful.

User Experience

  • Increasing performance in sports.
  • More comfortably in various shoes.
  • Especially for sports.
  • Improves comfort and performance.
  • Long-lasting durability.

What We Like

  • Fully supported sports.
  • Fits different shoes well.
  • Completely edge-style insoles.
  • Sturdy carbon fiber construction.
  • Comfortable and easy to use.

What We Dislike

  • Higher price point.
  • Occasional issues with product condition.
  • Durability concerns.
Insoles That Make You Jump Higher


Superfeet insoles are well-known for helping your feet feel good and stable. Even though they’re not made just for jumping higher, many athletes say they make their feet more comfortable and steady, which can help them jump better. These insoles help your feet stay in a good position, so it’s easier to make quick and powerful movements.

Key Features

  • Fully doctorial insoles for pronation-related knee pain relief.
  • Strong and appropriate for various types of activities.
  • Offers different inserts for personalization.
  • Compatible with Hoka One shoes.
  • Best quality to use.

User Experience

  • Effective for knee pain relief.
  • Having long-lasting.
  • Versatile for different activities.
  • Compatible with Hoka One shoe is good.
  • Users are more satisfied.

What We Like

  • The doctor recommended it for knee pain.
  • Work for a long time.
  • Individualized options.
  • Compatibility with the Hoka one.
  • Good for customers.

What We Dislike

  • Some users are not satisfied.
  • Not for those seeking softer insoles.
  • Many people have other problems.
Insoles That Make You Jump Higher

Dr. Scholl’s

Dr. Scholl’s makes insoles designed to increase your jumps with gel technology and extra cushioning. They’re not super specialized like some other brands, but they’re a solid choice for athletes who want comfy, supportive insoles that make you jump higher, simply because the doctor also suggests using them to keep yourself healthy.

Key Features

  • Very effective for users, and no issues to use.
  • Effective for foot pain and good for health.
  • Durable with excellent arch support.
  • Improved design and comfort.

User Experience

  • It is very helpful for the foot and helps avoid foot pain.
  • Knowing has long-lasting qualities.
  • Easy to use without any issues.

What We Like

  • Quality and lifetime production.
  • Effectiveness for pain relief.
  • Improved design according to demand.
  • No worries about use.

What We Dislike

  • One of the problems is that many copies are available on the market.
  • Effectiveness varies among users.
  • Front padding can flatten over time.

Advantages of Using Insoles for Jumping Higher

1. Increased Vertical Leap

Jump-enhancing insoles optimize foot biomechanics and energy transfer, effortlessly increasing your jump height.

2. Enhanced Stability

Insoles offer added support and stability, minimizing injury risks and enabling smoother, controlled movements.

3. Reduced Fatigue

Insoles with cushioning and shock-absorbing features reduce strain on your feet and lower limbs, helping you maintain peak performance for extended periods effortlessly.

4. Customized Fit

Lots of insoles have customizable features or come in different sizes to guarantee a perfect fit for your unique foot shape and size.

Professional athletes of sports talk about 3 best insoles that make your jump higher

There are various personalities and users of the best insoles that make your jumps higher; their reviews of insoles are given below.

1. Michael Jordan

The greatest basketball player ever talks about these insoles; he uses the words affective, helpful, and durable insoles.

2. LeBron James

LeBron James, another basketball superstar, has highlighted the advantages of using height-increasing insoles to enhance his training regimen.

3. Usain Bolt

Bolt is known for running; he also uses the best insoles. He is also in Favour of these shoes and appreciates them.

4. Simone Biles

Simone Biles, one of the professional players, credited jump-enhancing insoles for allowing her to achieve greater heights in her routines.

Factors to Consider When Buying Jump-Enhancing Insoles

1. Material

Look for insoles made from durable yet lightweight materials that provide best energy return and support.

2. Design

Make sure the insoles have an ergonomic design and arch support to keep your feet aligned and stable while jumping.

3. Size and Fit

Select insoles that match your shoe size and foot shape to prevent any discomfort or slipping during intense physical activity.

4. Purpose

Decide if you need special insoles just for jumping or if regular athletic insoles would work for you.

5. Reviews and Recommendations

Ask other athletes or experts in your sport for advice on which insole brands work best for jumping and suit your needs.


Insoles that help you jump higher aren’t just a trick; they are a useful tool for any athlete who wants to improve. Whether you select VKTRY for its high-tech features, Superfeet for its reliable support, or Dr. Scholl’s for its trusted brand, investing in good jump-improving insoles can help you perform better in sports. So, put on your shoes, put on those insoles, and get ready to leap ahead of the competition, and lastly, enjoy these insoles that make your jumps higher.

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